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Scheduling & Time Management

Offered as 1-on-1 coaching sessions either in-person or virtually, this service will help you understand where you're "losing time" and teach you how to regain control of it. To conceptualize how you can make the most out of each and every minute of every day, together you and I will:

Evaluate Your 


Balancing the demands of life can be difficult. An important part of time management is knowing what your demands actually are, and taking a deep look into how you live versus how you would like to live.

Determine Your Current Time Usage

What methods do you use to meet your current demands? How do you plan versus how do you implement? Answering these questions and more will help us understand how you are using your time.

Find Ways to Maximize Your Time 

In the final step, we will idealize and methodize the things that would best help you maximize your schedule and planning, and finally take the stress off of going about your daily activities.

Pricing Options

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you. Discovery Call & Initial Consult required prior to booking.

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