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Developing My Organizing Skills

Before transitioning to professional organizing, I was employed as a Medical Laboratory Technician for 11 years. Of those 11 years, 5 were served as an enlisted active-duty soldier in the United States Army.

My previous professions have greatly amplified my natural-born talent for creating order and harmony in the spaces that I and others operate in. My service in the military enhanced my understanding of the importance of structure and order for a functional and successful life. Meanwhile, my experience in the little-known field of laboratory science intensified my aptitude to work with accuracy, precision, compassion, and integrity.

Finding My Purpose

In February 2017 I decided I wanted to help and serve others in ways beyond the medical field. I settled into the professional organizing industry, a field where I could compound all of my talents and skills into serving one main purpose, and established Space Solutions LLC. In December 2020 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia State University with a Bachelor of Science. My major was Family & Consumer Science with a concentration in Family, Child, & Community Service; I chose this course of study to expand my knowledge of home economics and functionality. I am happy to say that I have found my calling and am ecstatic to meet and work with you!

Why Choose Me

You won’t find anyone else who has the same amount of passion for organizing as I do. I understand the importance of having systematic approaches to accomplishing tasks in life, which is why I will not only organize your home or business but I will also get you thinking like an organized person. When you take advantage of my services, you’re assured that each area of your residential or commercial property will be neatly organized with systems created to meet the needs of your individual lifestyle!

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